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Peer-reviewed papers presented at the 2017 Information Institute Las Vegas Conference
Cite as: Author, A. (year). Title of paper. In Proceedings of the Annual Information Institute Conference, Eds. G. Dhillon and S. Samonas, April 29 – May 1, 2019. Las Vegas, NV. USA
ISBN: 978-1-935160-20-5

Andrew Urbaczewski, Kellie Keeling: Chasing the Next Fad: The Changing Role of the IS Discipline in Higher Education

David Green: Motivation for Shadow IT Use: Insider Threat or Employee-Driven Innovation? (Extended Abstract)

Alfred Musarurwa, Stephen Flowerday: Information Privacy in the BYOD

Osama Rabie, Gurpreet Dhillon, Romilla Syed: Value-Focused Thinking to Bare Strategic Measures and Alternatives for Preventing Cyberterrorism

Saad Alqahtany, Nathan, Clarke and Steven Furnell: An Evaluation of a Cloud-based Forensic Acquisition and Analysis System (Cloud FAAS)

Cescily Metzgar, Dr. B. Dawn Medlin, Dr. Sandra A. Vannoy: A Security Analysis of RFID-Enabled E-Passports

Jennifer L. Broderick, Dr. B. Dawn Medlin, Dr. Sandra A. Vannoy: Generational Adoption of Social Media: Security and Privacy Concerns

Muawya Naser ,Noura Salem, Fatima Aljneibi and Marwa Almenhali: Controlar-Freeze: A New Approach in Visual Screen Security

Saud Alotaibi, Steven Furnell and Nathan Clarke: Transparent and Continuous Identity Verification for Mobile Applications Security

Moneerah Alotaibi, Steven Furnell,Maria Papadaki and Shirley Atkinson: A risk assessment model for children’s Internet use

Mohamed Abdelhamid, Spiro Samonas: Phish Me If You Can: Improving Employees’ Resistance to Phishing Attacks through Experimental Phishing Simulations (Short Paper)

Bertrand Muhire, Ramakrishna Ayyagari: Information Security Compliance in a Retail Setting

Eva Söderström, Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt,Marcus Nohlberg: Method Development for information security GAP analysis in municipalities

Eya Mahouachi, Michael Lapke: Security Policy in Emerging Economics

Sal Aurigemma, Nicole Dicki, Bradley Brummel: Extending the human Aspects of Information Security- Questionnaire (HAIS-Q)

Jeffrey L. Duffany: Information Warfare and the 2016 US Presidential Election

Grace Thompson, Sabaht Khurshid, David Tanner, Abu Hasan, Mehdi Mekni: An Assessment of Drone Attacks, Vulnerabilities, and Protections

Jeffrey L. Duffany: Cyber Warfare in the 21st Century

Raymond M. Henry: Examining the Impact of Decision Rights Accountability “Gaps” for Top Management in IT Decision-making

Murray E. Jennex: Towards Understanding Knowledge Management Strategy

Ernestina Larbi-Ansah, Joseph Budu: Managing Social Media Employees to achieve Organizational Objectives

Amaris Vélez, Alfredo Cruz: Identifying and Executing Procedure to Evaluate E-Discovery Tools

Amaris Vélez, Alfredo Cruz, Adriana Vázquez, Luis Pla, Jeff Duffany: Obtaining the Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CDE) Designation atPolytechnic University of Puerto Rico’s (PUPR) for 2020

Pedro Agosto-Vázquez, Alfredo Cruz, Yusef Yassin-Morales, Jeff Duffany: Learning CyberSecurity through CTF Competitions

Ricardo A. Fernandez-Lopez, Isaac Torres, Yusef Yassin, Zayira Jordan: Web Application Based CTF Toolset

Peer-reviewed papers presented at the 2017 Information Institute Las Vegas Conference
Cite as: Author, A. (year). Title of paper. In Proceedings of the Annual Information Institute Conference, Eds. G. Dhillon and S. Samonas, March 26-28, 2018. Las Vegas, NV. USA
ISBN: 978-1-935160-19-9

Jeffrey L. Duffany: Internet of Things: Security and Privacy

Keirsten Henson, Beverly Medlin, Sandra Vannoy: Malicious QR Codes: Unexpected and Unwanted

Kwesi Byrd, Hiba Al-Kawaz, Nathan Clarke, Steven Furnell: Facial Recognition in Low-Light

Najem Mahmoud, Steven Furnell, Paul Haskell-Dowland: Design Principles and Guidelines for Targeted Security Awareness

Rajneesh Sharma, Michael Angelina: Teaching Note: Introduction to Financial Impact of Data Breaches and Insurance

Sandra Vannoy, Beverly Medlin, Victoria Fowler: Commercial Drones: Security and Privacy Concerns

Erik Bergström, Fredrik Anteryd , Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt: Information Classification Policies: An Exploratory Investigation

Jennifer Carson, Unit Karabiyik, Eduardo de Luna, Khaled Rabieh: Voteproject: Smart Democracy – A Blockchain Voting System Proof of Concept

Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt, Marcus Nohlberg, Eva Söderström, Christian Lennerholt, Joeri van Laere: Current Situation Analysis of Information Security Level in Municipalities

Eli Weintraub, Yuval Cohen: Adding Network Exposure to Environmental Measures in Security Risk Scoring Models

Andrew Schwarz: Going Dark: An investigation into willing non-disclosure on social platforms

John Morales, Jeffrey Duffany, David Mascareñas: Blockchain for Nuclear facilities

Salvatore Aurigemma, Thomas Mattson, Lori Leonard: Does an individual’s ethical preference impact their decision to take voluntary security actions?

Bongsik Shin, Matthew Levy: Towards the Elucidation of Organizational Cyber Threat Intelligence

Jeffrey Duffany, Carlos Velez:  A Machine-Learning Based Wireless Intrusion Detection System

Hongjiang Xu: A research model for information quality in social media

Alfredo Cruz: Cyber Security Programs and Certificates at a Premier Hispanic Serving Institution

Nidhi Rastogi: Exploring Information Centrality for Intrusion Detection in Large Networks

Jirapon Sunkpho, Sarawut Ramjan, Chaiwat Ottamakorn: Cybersecurity Policy in ASEAN Countries

Carlos Velez, Alfredo Cruz, Jeffrey Duffany, Yoshuam Alicea, Steven Bennett: Lessons Learned from Premier Capture the Flag Competitions

Mohammed Alshammari: Exploring Information Security Awareness in The Context of a Case Study

Ricardo Fernandez: Know Before You Click: A Study in Social Engineering

Jadiel Colon, Alfredo Cruz, Naileen Berrios: CTF Framework and Virtual Environment for Cybersecurity Education

Padmavathi Ganapathi, S.Rama Mercy: Attacks and Security Mechanisms in Cyber Physical Systems

Sabitha Banu, Padmavathi Ganapathi: A Review of Man in the Middle Attacks in M2M Communications and Attack Handling Mechanisms

Swathy Akshyaya, Padmavathi Ganapathi : Performance Efficient Methods to handle Zero-Day attacks in Cloud Environment

N Vanitha, Padmavathi Ganapathi: Enhanced Security Mechanisms for the selected cyber attacks in UAV networks

Noemi Tambe: A 2nd order cybernetics approach to anti-money laundering risk: the case study of a Financial Intelligence Unit

Mohamed Abdelhamid, Spiro Samonas: PHR and M-health Privacy: What Makes Patients Adopt or Avoid PHR?

Nadia Samara: Evaluation of Information Security within the eGovernment Programme in Jordan: the connecting role of Citizens’ Online Trust


Peer-reviewed papers presented at the 2017 Information Institute Las Vegas Conference
Cite as: Author, A. (year). Title of paper. In Proceedings of the Annual Information Institute Conference, Eds. G. Dhillon and S. Samonas, April 18-20, 2017. Las Vegas, NV. USA
ISBN: 978-1-935160-18-2

Yoshuam Alicea: Cybersecurity Competitions as Effective Cybersecurity Teaching Tools

Majedah Alkharji, Mayyada Al Hammoshi, Chunqiang Hu, Hang Liu: Genetic Algorithm based key Generation for Fully Homomorphic EncryptionSlides.

Salvatore Aurigemma, Thomas Mattson, and Lori Leonard: Enhancing End-User Psychological Capital to Motivate Voluntary Security Actions

Salvatore Aurigemma, Preston Ackerman, Thomas Mattson, and Lori Leonard: Motivating Multifactor Authentication Use Among Millennial End-UsersSlides

William Byrnes: How May the United States Leverage Its FATCA IGA Bilateral Process to Incentivize Good Tax Administrations Among the World of Black Hat and Grey Hat Governments?
A Carrot & Stick Policy Proposal

Juyun Cho: Mobile Readiness of the U.S. State Government Website

Nathan Clarke, Fudong Li, M. Al-Fahdi, D. Joy, Saad Alqahtany, G. Alotibi, and H. Mohammed: The Next Generation of Digital Forensic Capability

Simran Dhillon: Developing an understanding of individual values for teenage Internet Privacy.

Jesualdo Fernandes: An Agile Approach for IS/IT Benefits ManagementSlides

Nicky Fournier and Mahesh Raisinghani: Quality Management in a Research and Development Environment

Bo Han: User’s Information Security Awareness in BYOD Programs: A Theoretical Model

Ram Herkanaidu, Steven Furnell and Maria Papadaki: Online Risk Awareness and Exposure of Young People in ThailandSlides

William Jackson, Noah Anglin, Ian Hurley, Conner West, Jeremiah Scott, Kenneth Redeemer, and Partha Sengupta: Web Design Security: Foundation Not Feature

Nicholas Lennox and Bertram Haskins: Guidelines to Improve the Security and Privacy Consciousness among Online Gamers

Najem Mahmoud, Steven Furnell, and Paul Haskell-Dowland: Towards Targeted Security Awareness Raising

Pardon Blessings Maoneke, Stephen Flowerday, Naomi Isabirye: A model for usable and secure passphrases by multilingual user groups

Alfred Musarurwa, Stephen Flowerday, and Liezel Cilliers: Individual traits that determine the Bring Your Own Device information security culture: A case study of the banking sector in ZimbabweSlides

Dien Phan, and Kim Phan: Analytic Methods to Analyze and Predict Causes of Security Failures in Power GridSlides

Noel Richards: NIAP: Critical Role of Protection Profiles & Product Evaluations

Maha Sabir, James Jones, and Hang Liu: A Non-Algorithmic File-Type Independent Method for Hiding Persistent Data in FilesSlides

Bongsik Shin and Dan Kim: Reengineering cybersecurity: A simulation studySlides

Tawicha Trakulyingyong and Jirapon Sunkpho: An Examination of Thai Government Approach in Cybersecurity

Carlos Velez and Alfredo Cruz: Implementation of Active Learning Techniques in an Online Information Security Graduate Laboratory Course

Yunhui Zhuang, Yun-Sik Choi, Alvin Chung Man Leung, Gene Moo Lee, Shu He, and Andrew Whinston: Towards A Better Measure of Cybersecurity Awareness: An Exploratory Study of Online Scams in Pan-AsiaSlides

Peer reviewed papers presented at the 2016 Information Institute Las Vegas Conference
Cite as: Author, A. (year). Title of paper. In Proceedings of the Annual Information Institute Conference, Eds. G. Dhillon and S. Samonas, March, 29-30, 2016. Las Vegas, NV. USA
ISBN: 978-1-935160-17-5 1-935160-17-6

Pooria Assadi and Andrew von Nordenflycht: Ethics of Sorting Talent on Wall Street

Allen D. Benusa, Shajive S. Jeganathan and Mark B. Schmidt: Forensic Analysis Challenges: Shift from HDD to SSD Storage

Tom Brill: Identity Theft Victims: Critical Influencers for Customer Loyalty Restoration

Yoram Golandsky: Cyber Crisis Management, Survival or Extinction

Mark Harris, Joey Beasley and Karen Patten: Factors That Influence the Adoption of Mobile Payment Systems

Jorge Hernandez: Analysis of Current University Student Password Habits

Gabriel Kaptchuk and Aviel Rubin: A Practical Implementation of a Multi-Device Split Application for Protecting Online Poker

Saikal Kushubekova and Egemen Deniz Bahar: American big data companies’ compliance and enforcement of the Patriot Act

Javad Abed and Gurpreet Dhillon: A Review of the Compliance Behavior Studies in Information Systems Security Field: Current Trends and Future Directions

Asanda Christopher Miya and Reinhardt A. Botha: Facebook Mobile Interfaces: A Heuristic Evaluation of Privacy Features

Osama Rabie and Chandrashekar Challa: Cyberterrorism: Developing Conceptual Understanding for Policy Decisions

Michael Ryan and Sandra Ryan: A Pedagogical Approach to Practical Ethical Decision Making

Nadia Samara: Evaluation of Information Security within the e-Government Programme in Jordan: the connecting role of Citizens’ Online Trust

Jorge Silvestrini: Learning Cryptography by Interaction

Steven Simon and Robert Perkins: Analysis of Data Breach Induced Trauma: An Exploratory Study

Bradley Strawser: Ethical Responsibility for Cyber Security: Changing Norms

Luzuko Tekeni, Reinhardt A Botha and Kerry-Lynn Thomson: An Overview of Access Control Practices: Guidance from ITIL, COBIT 5 and ISO/IEC 27002

Jonathan Vargas and Alfredo Cruz: Unified Risk List for Electronically-Stored Information Subject to eDiscovery in the Cloud

Michael T. Virnig and Mark B. Schmidt: Improving Cyber Awareness through Community Outreach

Zhifeng Xiao, Jeffrey Knapp and Robert Steiner: An Empirical Study of Cookie Theft Vulnerability for Modern Websites

Peer reviewed papers presented at the 2015 Information Institute Las Vegas Conference
Cite as: Author, A. (year). Title of paper. In proceedings of the Annual Information Institute Conference, May, 19-21, 2015. Las Vegas, NV. USA
ISBN: 978-1-935160-16-8 1-935160-16-8

Salvatore Aurigemma, Lori Leonard and Ray Panko:Are your employees committed to following your Information Security Policies? Let’s hope.

Nathan Clarke and Fudong Li:Active Authentication: The Panacea of Access Control?

Mostafa El-Said, Alexander Arendsen and Samah Mansour:Detect and Defend System On a Stick (D2S2) Against GPS Spoofing Attack

Ted Harrington:IoT: Hackers, Attack Anatomy & Security Trends

Mark A. Harris:Google Play’s Top App Developers: Are They Really Safer than Other Apps in Regard to Consumer Privacy and In-app Purchases?

Vess Johnson, Russell Torres and Arash Negahban:The Impact of Privacy Risk on M-payment Service Adoption

Christopher Leberknight:A Longitudinal Study Investigating Pressure Related Characteristics for Keystroke Analysis

Kevin Lehnert, Jana Craft, Nitish Singh and Yung-Hwal Park:Meta-review And Critique of Qualitative Ethical Decision Making Research: 2004-2014

Brajendra Panda and Qussai Yaseen:Defending Integrity against Insiders in Cloud Relational Databases

Donna Schaeffer and Michelle Liu:An Inquiry-based Learning Approach to Promote Cyber-ethics in Cybersecurity Education

Peer reviewed papers presented at the 2014 Information Institute Las Vegas Conference
Cite as: Author, A. (year). Title of paper. In proceedings of the Annual Information Institute Conference, May, 22-24, 2014. Las Vegas, NV. USA
ISBN: 978-1-935160-15-1 1-935160-15-X

Sanjeev Mitra, Indira Guzman, Gurpreet Dhillon and Kiet Tran: A Quantitative Investigation of the Security Factors Affecting the Use of IT/IS Systems in Public Networks

Ibrahim Elbeltagi and Hamdi Alomiri: The impact of servant leadership on e-services implementation in Saudi Arabia

Richard Thomchick and Tonia San Nicolas-Rocca: Application Level Security: A Case Study of a Public Library

Stefan Bauer and Edward W.N. Bernroider: An Analysis of the Combined Influences of Neutralization and Planned Behavior on Desirable Information Security Behavior

Natalie Gerhart, Vess Johnson and Russell Torres: The Impact of Privacy Concerns on Mobile Banking: Adaptation of the IS Continuance Model

William Mee: Protecting Values in a Socially Connected World

Khandaker Rahman, Danielle Dierich and Ryan Moormann: Proposing a Novel Defense Mechanism to Spoof Attacks Targeting Keystroke Dynamics based Cyber-behavioral Biometric Systems

Yulia Wati and Dan J. Kim: Uncertainty in Online Environment: Examining the Mediating Effect of Trust and Relative Advantage in E-Commerce

Mohammed Atoum: A Comparative Study of Combination with Different LSB Techniques in MP3 Steganography

Steven Furnell and Liam Moore: End-user security: No longer a matter of choice?

Beverly Medlin, Sandra Vannoy and Elaine Winston: Health Care Workers: A Possible Insider Threat

Timothy Perez and Benjamin Perez: Municipal E-Government Security: Trends and Opportunities for Improvement

Daniel Roberts, Nathan Clarke and Fudong Li: Data Carving using Artificial Headers

Hua Dai, Al Salam and Yan Chen: Service Quality, Service Consumption Experience and Relational Exchange in Electronic Mediated Environment

Mohammed Alnatheer: Developing an Information Security Culture Model

Celedonio Arroyo-Serrano and Alfredo Cruz: Interactive Learning Tool for Cryptography

Zuleika Lopez: Mobile Security Threat and Countermeasures

Meral Binbasioglu: Understanding Performance Measures and Resource Relationships: A Qualitative System Dynamics Approach

Mark Harris and Robert Brookshire: Mobile Application Installation Influences: Have Mobile Device Users Become Desensitized to Excessive Permission Requests?

Mark Harris and Karen Patten: Mobile Device Security Issues Within the U.S. Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Program

Jason Levy: Online Cybersecurity Service Learning at Virginia Commonwealth University


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