The Journal of Information Science and Technology (JIST) is a unique and innovative peer reviewed publication of the Information Institute. JIST is founded on the premise that the wealth of our society is largely dependent on its ability to organize. This ability entails working with information and therefore handling it effectively. Information therefore is the lifeblood of organizations. The JIST mission is to significantly expand the domain of information research to a wide and eclectic audience of academics, consultants and executives who are involved in the management of organizations either for competitive advantage or service delivery enhancement.



JIST will be of value to both academic and practitioner audiences. The audience will include those individuals who are interested in conducting research related to the consideration of information as a valuable corporate resource. Manuscripts reflecting all research approaches will be encouraged, including those that are multi-disciplinary. These will include information professionals who consider information to be a resource that they can leverage for organizational effectiveness. Such practitioners may reside in a broad spec- trum of functions, including information technology, human resources, marketing, service delivery, supply chain management and logistics.