Journal of Information Science and Technology

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Vol 2 Iss 3 Article 2

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icon Natural Language Modeling for Business Application Semantics (260.87 kB)


Title: Natural Language Modeling for Business Application Semantics


Author(s): Peter Bollen



This paper defines a set of modeling constructs (or meta grammar) and procedure for modeling the data-perspective or static structure for business applications and application services in which in principle multiple user agents can be involved. This approach is called Natural Language Modeling (NLM) and will enable us to model an application domain ontology for enterprise application areas. We will illustrate the application of NLM on an example of a SAP/R3 implementation at a large chemical company. The scripts that can be generated via the Natural Language Modeling (NLM) grammar that we will introduce in this paper contain an explicit hierarchy in which the following ontological primitives for the deep structure will be distinguished: names intentions and relationships.

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