Journal of Information Science and Technology

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Vol 2 Iss 3 Article 1

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icon Technology Support for the Enhancement of Productivity in International Virtual Teams (40.04 kB)


Title: Technology Support for the Enhancement of Productivity in International Virtual Teams


Author(s): Steven Seilheimer, Michael Ishman, & Pamela Seilheimer



The enhancement of productivity in international virtual teams can be accomplished through improved technology support, since technology support represents the enabler for traditional teams to operate virtually. As leaders of virtual teams (regardless if the teams are international, national, regional, or local) begin to form and manage virtual workplaces, it is important for them to provide a portfolio of technology support for their teams. Technological tools such as Webcons (i.e., Web conferences), Webcasts (i.e., Web broadcasts), Webinars (i.e., Web seminars), virtual private networks, instant messaging, electronic white boards, and others play a vital role for teams in order to perform effectively in a virtual work world. Although all of these tools are somewhat interdependent, it is helpful to consider them as belonging to one of three broad categories of technology: Infrastructure, Instant Communication, and Collaboration.

This article provides a foundation, based on literature research, for the utilization of technology support to enhance the productivity of international virtual teams, as well as examples through mini-cases to illustrate practical application and integration of these different categories of technology. Though the focus is on international virtual teams, the foundation and examples are also relevant to national, regional, and local virtual teams.

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