Journal of Information Science and Technology

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JIST - Mission

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The Journal of Information Science and Technology(JIST) is a unique and innovative publication of the Information Institute. JIST is founded on the premise that the wealth of our society is largely dependent on its ability to organize. This ability entails working with information and therefore handling it effectively. Information therefore is the lifeblood of organizations. The JIST mission is to significantly expand the domain of information research to a wide and eclectic audience of academics, consultants and executives who are involved in the management of organizations either for competitive advantage or service delivery enhancement.

JIST will publish original research and comments about the science of information and the application of technology for the successful management of organizations. Contributions are particularly welcome which analyze the results of interdisciplinary research and relate to the intersection of theory, method and empirical findings. Of interest will be manuscripts, which present the theoretical concepts of the acquisition, organization, and dissemination of information to support functional and cross-functional organizational operations, planning, and decision-making. Further, publications will include the results of investigations that advance practice and understanding of the application of technology to support efficient and effective business operations. JIST submissions will be double blind refereed and will provide a forum for high quality research, communication and debate on the subject of the science of information and its technology-enabled application.