Journal of Information Science and Technology

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JIST Vol 2 Iss 2

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Volume 2

Issue 2

icon Publisher pages (14.07 kB)


icon Editorial: Offshoring Without Profit or the New Global Model? (16.82 kB)
Narcyz Roztocki & Jerry Fjermestad

Fast-Follower Advantages And Network Externalities InI.T.-Driven Markets
Kristine R. Ankney & Gezinus J. Hidding

Exploring E-Government in the UK: Challenges, Issues and Complexities
Vishanth Weerakkody & Jyoti Choudrie

Building Knowledge Repositories with Neural Networks and Orthogonal Designed Bases of Expert Holistic Judgments
Dat-Dao Nguyen & Dennis S. Kira


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