Journal of Information Science and Technology

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Vol 6 Iss 1 Article 3

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icon Fuzzy Based User Dependency Analysis of a Search Session with Search Engine (241.72 kB)

Title:  Fuzzy Based User Dependency Analysis of a Search Session with Search Engine

Author(s): Kohli, S.


This research analyzes User behavior in performing the search through the search engine. It develops an algorithm to find out a quantitative value of “user dependency” on Search Engine. The term „user dependency‟ indeed means the psychological satisfaction of user with the search result during a search session. It is an indicative measure of user‟s trust in search engine and will prompt the user to use the same search engine in future. Hence the user dependency model will effectively track the user behaviour in the search engine use. The paper investigated factors influencing a search session and determined user dependency on Search Engine in quantitative terms. It uses a fuzzy based approach to determine the dependency and overall faith of user in Search Engine. The proposed algorithm accepts "user rating for the search session‟ as input and based on the "user satisfaction with search‟ provides a user dependency value. The validity of algorithm and correctness of its result is judged according to survey conducted with a sample of users. Results have been observed to be accurate and matching according to sampled user‟s satisfaction.